Digital Twin Development — Summer 2023 Internship Program

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5 min readAug 10, 2023

In collaboration with the City of Newark, New Jersey Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP),, and are offering an exciting opportunity for aspiring VR developers to immerse themselves in the cutting-edge field of Digital Twin technology. This internship is designed to provide hands-on experience in Digital Twin development, Azure infrastructure configuration, telemetry data routing, and 3D modeling. Students will learn new concepts, develop their own digital twins, provide feedback, and contribute to our open-source Digital Twin SDK, which is under development at

Program Overview: Building the Bridge Between Real and Virtual Worlds

The internship program aims to bridge the gap between the real and virtual worlds by introducing interns to digital twin development concepts. Interns will engage with evolving documentation at to gain insights into digital twin development techniques. The ultimate goal is for the interns to create a Unity based Digital Twin that brings their 3D world to life and enables the creation of digital twin prototypes. Interns will work with Azure to develop infrastructure, data flows, and connections to understand the intricacies of digital twin concepts. They will then integrate these digital twins into their Unity based 3D worlds.

The interns enrolled in this program have successfully completed Universe’s intensive 10-week live course, immersing themselves in VR development within a virtual reality environment. Throughout the course, they gained proficiency in utilizing the Unity engine, mastering the Unity3D programming library, and acquiring programming skills with C#.

Project Description: Interns will work in two main areas:

Unity Plugin Development:

  • Develop custom property, physics, and animation behaviors in Unity 3D, driven by live data from Azure Digital Twins.
  • Create an intuitive and immersive experience for Unity enthusiasts to interact with their own digital twins.
  • Transform 3D worlds or systems into digital twins, complete with live streaming data, custom attributes, behaviors, and interactive dynamics.

Digital Twin Prototype Development:

  • Create personalized digital twin prototypes within Unity and Azure, modeling real-world objects or systems.
  • Showcase defining attributes, behaviors, and interactions of the digital twin.
  • Utilize the Digital Twin SDK, Unity’s capabilities, and Azure’s cloud services to construct authentic digital replicas.

Project Goals: Interns will gain the following skills:

Skills and Knowledge Enrichment: The internship aims to enrich the interns’ skills and knowledge in various areas, including:

  • Proficiency in Unity development and plugin creation.
  • Enhanced understanding of digital twin concepts and architectural concepts.
  • Integration of Azure services with Hardware devices & Unity.
  • Expertise in 3D modeling and asset creation.
  • Proficient programming skills (C# or equivalent) for scripting behaviors and interactions.
  • Learning about key concepts related to Digital Twin technologies.
  • Creating an end-to-end sample Digital Twin using Azure IoT, Azure Digital Twins and a 3D Unity scene.
  • Setting up a development environment with Unity and necessary plugins.
  • Designing a personalized digital twin prototype with attributes, behaviors, and interactions.
  • Sharing accomplishments with the community and potentially contributing to the open-source framework.

Complimentary Digital Twin Starter Kit: Interns will receive an MXCHIP AZ3166 IoT DevKit and a mini PowerBank to generate real-world telemetry data for Digital Twin testing & simulation. The AZ IoT development kit provides a smart hardware solution. It is compatible with Arduino with abundant peripherals and sensors. AZ3166 can be used for the development of IoT and smart hardware prototypes.

A live lesson on using the kit is provided here

This device includes a motion sensor, magnetometer, atmospheric pressure, temperature, and humidity sensor. This data is sent to the cloud via a wireless connection and is aggregated by Azure IoT and further send to Azure Digital Twins.

Finally the data is used to control the behaviors and events that occur in a 3D scene which represents a real world device or system.


“We are excited to have these Interns work with our evolving documentation and SDK to help enhance and streamline the content we offer. This program is a win-win for everyone involved by providing students with new concepts to learn and enhance their learning path and for us to get early feedback on the quality of our training content. Our Digital Twin Starter training site and Digital Twin SDK helps people learn to develop Digital Twins with Azure IoT, Azure Digital Twins, NVIDIA Omniverse or Unity 3D.“ — Gavin Stevens — Digital Bot Lab, Inc.

About Universe:

Universe is bringing education to Web3. Unlike traditional online education providers, Universe creates community-based, interactive learning experiences in the metaverse. Universe has taught over 13,000 students and achieved 4X higher retention and course completion rates compared to today’s online class platforms. Universe leverages their VR expertise and tools to fulfill the metaverse goals of enterprises and universities — from launching custom courses to enabling new learning experiences. Universe enables students to learn, educators to teach, and enterprises to build in the metaverse.

About Digital Bot Lab:

Digital Bot Lab established itself as a vanguard in the evolving digital
landscape, shaping the future of Omniverse tools, Metaverse robotics, and
live digital twin technology. We help companies develop Real-Time, Photo-
Realistic Simulations of their business processes and train robots to complete labor-intensive tasks automatically. Digital Bot Lab, as an industry-leading professional for Microsoft Azure and NVIDIA Omniverse solutions, offers robust and scalable enterprise-grade solutions that leverage the advanced capabilities of these two platforms to deliver unparalleled performance and value.

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